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Similar Breeds: A Look At 10 Dogs Like Bernese Mountain Dogs

Nestled in the scenic beauty of its native Swiss Alps, the Bernese Mountain Dog stands tall as a majestic symbol of strength and charm.

Adorned in a striking tricolor coat of black, white, and rust-colored fur, these dogs embody both regality and warmth, and as well as their captivating appearance, Bernese Mountain Dogs are celebrated for their gentle and affectionate nature.

Dogs Like Bernese Mountain Dogs

They’re a fairly rare breed, and they’re not the easiest dogs to find, so for those of you who have looked in vain and can’t find a Bernese, we thought we help you find a dog that shares some of the same traits, by taking a look at ten dogs like Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Are you ready? Then, let’s begin.

1. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland dog, renowned for its gentle nature and strength, is a majestic breed that originated in Newfoundland, Canada.

Known as “Newfies,” they are characterized by their massive size, webbed feet, and a thick, water-resistant double coat, all of which helped them to fulfill the role they were bred for: water rescue.

Interestingly, the Newfoundland shares similarities with the Bernese Mountain Dog despite their distinct histories, as both breeds are large, affectionate, and known for their calm demeanor.

The Bernese Mountain Dog shares the Newfie’s gentle temperament, loyalty, and love for family, and they both possess thick, lush coats that provide insulation in colder climates.

Though they originated in different countries and served different historical purposes, the Newfoundland and the Bernese Mountain Dog share a kinship in their amiable disposition and devotion to their human companions.

Whether they were born to water rescue dogs or live as gentle giants in the mountains, these breeds embody a harmonious blend of strength and companionship, making them cherished members of families around the world.

2. Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard, an imposing and amiable giant originating from the Swiss Alps, is renowned for its massive build, friendly demeanor, and distinctive presence.

Bred historically by monks, the breed played a crucial role in perilous mountain rescue missions, thanks to its robust physique and weather-resistant coat.

Notably, the Saint Bernard shares a significant kinship with the Bernese Mountain Dog, as they share a country of origin, Switzerland, and common ancestry.

While the Saint Bernard is recognized for its larger size and rescue prowess, the Bernese Mountain Dog has a similar working background.

Beyond their physical similarities, these breeds exhibit a shared temperament, as they are calm, affectionate, and devoted to their human families, making them exceptional companions.

Their reliability and friendly nature, coupled with historical ties to Alpine landscapes, ensure that they are not only beloved pets but also deeply embedded in the cultural and practical aspects of the mountain regions they call home.

The Saint Bernard’s rich history, which is partially shared by the Bernese Mountain Dog, has cemented its status as an iconic and cherished breed with devotees all over the world.

3. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, a majestic and powerful breed, has captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts worldwide, and for good reason.

Originating in the Swiss Alps, this robust canine was initially bred for farm work, excelling as a draft animal and versatile helper, and the breed’s striking tricolor coat is easily recognizable.

What makes the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog particularly intriguing is its shared heritage with the Bernese Mountain Dog, as the breeds both hail from the same mountainous region and exhibit similar characteristics thanks to their mutual working histories.

These large, gentle giants possess not only impressive physical strength but also a gentle and friendly disposition and are renowned for their loyalty.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, like their Bernese counterparts, make excellent family companions.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and the Bernese Mountain Dog both carry a storied past as dependable workers in challenging terrains and their large builds, coupled with friendly temperaments, have helped them to transition from their working life in the Alpines to the warmth of a family home.

4. Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute, renowned for its strength and endurance, is a majestic canine breed from the Arctic and is known for its strong physique and wolf-like appearance.

The Malamute is one of the oldest Arctic sled dogs and was traditionally used by the indigenous Inuit people for hauling heavy freight across vast, icy landscapes.

Characterized by a dense double coat, erect ears, and a plume-like tail, this breed exudes an aura of power and resilience.

The Alaskan Malamute shares notable similarities with the Bernese Mountain Dog, as it is also a large, working dog with a gentle and affectionate temperament that is famous for its loyalty.

Like the Bernese Mountain Dog, Malamutes also make excellent family pets and thrive in environments where they can expend their energy through outdoor activities and boast striking coats, although the Malamute’s is typically shorter and denser than that of the Bernese.

5. Leonberger

The Leonberger is a majestic breed famous for its gentle nature and impressive stature.

Originating in Germany, these dogs were initially bred as working and companion animals, often accompanying their owners in a variety of different tasks, and thanks to their thick double coats and a lion-like mane, the Leonberger exudes a regal appearance.

One notable similarity between the Leonberger and the Bernese Mountain Dog is their shared Swiss ancestry, as they were both bred in the Alpine region and share common ancestors, resulting in similar physical characteristics and temperaments.

The gentle disposition of the Leonberger, much like the Bernese, makes it an excellent family dog, known for its patience and affectionate nature.

The Leonberger is a versatile breed that excels in multiple roles, from a loyal family companion to a skilled therapy dog.

Despite their size, they are known for their agility and adaptability, and these magnificent dogs often form strong bonds with their families, embodying a blend of strength, loyalty, and approachability.

6. Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff, a formidable breed, traces its lineage to the challenging landscapes of the Himalayas, where it historically served as a guardian of livestock.

Defined by its impressive stature, thick double coat, and distinctive mane, the Tibetan Mastiff is renowned for its unwavering loyalty and territorial nature.

Remarkably, it shares intriguing similarities with the Bernese Mountain Dog, as, despite their disparate geographical origins, both dogs have thick double coats and are well-adapted to colder climates, a reflection of their shared mountain heritage.

Beyond their physical resemblance, these dogs also share gentle and intelligent dispositions, making them ideal family companions.

Their natural protective instinct highlights not only their physical prowess but also their role as devoted and reliable members of the household.

In the company of either breed, families gain a majestic and imposing friend and trustworthy and affectionate ally that embodies the very essence of loyalty and companionship with every wag of the tail.

7. Pyrenean Mastiff

The Pyrenean Mastiff, a large and imposing breed of dog that originated in the Pyrenees region of Spain, was historically bred to be a guardian of livestock and is known for its loyalty and protective instinct.

Like their Bernese counterparts, Pyrenean Mastiffs boast a sturdy build and a thick, weather-resistant double coat that helps them endure harsh climates.

Both breeds are known for their gentle nature and fondness for family, which makes them excellent canine companions.

These dogs thrive in social settings, forming strong bonds with their human pack, and their shared roles as working and family dogs have molded them into breeds that possess not only a striking physical resemblance but also a similar temperament and devotion to their human companions.

8. Kuvasz

The Kuvasz, a noble Hungarian breed, is renowned for its strength, intelligence, and loyalty.

This large, white dog has a distinctive double coat that serves as protection against harsh weather, and thanks to its instinct to protect its pack, the Kuvasz makes an excellent family guardian.

The Kuvasz shares some similarities with the Bernese Mountain Dog, as it is sizable and possesses a striking white (not tricolor like the Bernese) coat, contributing to their regal appearance.

While the Kuvasz hails from Hungary, it shares the same inherent friendliness and devotion to its human companions as a Bernese and also excels in tasks involving agility and strength, thanks to its versatile history as a working dog.

9. Anatolian Shepherd

The Anatolian Shepherd hails from Turkey and is known for its unwavering loyalty and formidable guarding instincts.

This ancient breed has always been a steadfast companion to livestock, often protecting it from predators with an unmatched and unwavering dedication.

With a muscular build and a thick double coat, the Anatolian Shepherd has a distinctive appearance and shares some commonalities with the Bernese Mountain Dog despite their disparate geographical origins.

Both breeds are renowned for their gentle and affectionate nature, making them excellent family pets, and their large size and strong physiques highlight their original roles as working dogs.

Their shared qualities include intelligence, adaptability, and a strong sense of loyalty, making them cherished companions for those seeking a devoted and protective canine friend.

10. Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees, a gentle giant among dog breeds, is renowned for its imposing presence and unwavering loyalty.

This breed was initially bred to guard livestock in the harsh terrain of the Pyrenees Mountains.

Known for its thick double coat, the Great Pyrenees has striking white fur that not only protects it from the elements but also makes sure that it’s a dog that lingers long in the memory of anyone fortunate enough to cross its path.

A notable similarity between the Great Pyrenees and the Bernese Mountain Dog is their shared heritage as a working breed that started life in the mountains of Europe.

Both are characterized by their calm temperament and affectionate nature, which makes them beloved family dogs who will happily sacrifice everything to protect the human members of their pack.

In Summary

While this exploration is by no means conclusive, our journey through ten breeds similar to Bernese Mountain Dogs has unfortunately come to an end.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to help you realize that even if you can’t find a Bernese Mountain Dog to call your own, there are plenty of other breeds that can provide the same loyalty, love, and companionship for you and your family as a Bernese would.

Sharon Isaacs