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Grooming Guide: How To Groom Bernese Mountain Dogs

Welcoming a Bernese Mountain Dog into your home is an exciting time, but understanding the basics to keep your new pooch happy and healthy is essential.

One of the basics of the care routine is grooming, which is more than a mere aesthetic ritual.

best brushes for bernese mountain dogs

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the intricate details of grooming, from brushing techniques to selecting the finest grooming tools.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the best ways to enhance the life and beauty of your Bernese Mountain Dog.

Understanding Bernese Mountain Dog Coats

The Bernese Mountain Dog’s coat is a masterpiece—a harmonious blend of black, rust, and white fur, consisting of an outer coat, which is long and straight and a dense undercoat and requires meticulous attention.

Beyond preserving their regal appearance, regular grooming prevents matting and promotes a lustrous, healthy coat, and brushing isn’t just a grooming routine; it’s an art form that helps to reinforce the bond between you and your best furry friend.

Grooming Frequency

The frequency of grooming sessions is more than just a chore; it’s a commitment to your dog’s well-being.

While a weekly routine is a baseline, shedding seasons demand heightened diligence and a need to increase the frequency of your brushing schedule, and as spring and fall lead to an increase in shedding, you’ll need to up your grooming game accordingly.

Essential Grooming Tools

Every dog is different, and understanding the best tools for your Berner is important. Below, we’ve listed the essentials for grooming your pooch.

The Best Brushes For Bernese Mountain Dogs

Slicker Brush

This tool should be right at the top of your list as its fine, short wires not only adeptly remove loose hair and prevent matting they also transform grooming into an enjoyable experience for your Bernese Mountain Dog.

We would recommend the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush; its sleek design is not just aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly practical, as the fine wires of this brush are a marvel and glide through your Bernese Mountain Dog’s coat with ease, removing loose hair and preventing the formation of troublesome mats.

However, what elevates the Hertzko brush into a league of its own is the ingenious self-cleaning feature, which helps to minimize post-grooming cleanup hassles, and is a godsend for every Bernese owner.

Undercoat Rake

As a guardian against tangles, the undercoat rake is second to none as it reaches your dog’s dense undercoat and efficiently and effectively removes loose fur.

Gentle strokes will ensure that it’s a comforting experience for your dog and help them embrace and fall in love with the experience.

Rotating Teeth Comb

The versatility of this comb extends far beyond just detangling the inevitable Bernese mats, as its rotating teeth prevent unnecessary pulling and discomfort and can make grooming pleasurable and fun for you and your dog.

How To Groom Bernese Mountain Dogs

Other Grooming Essentials

Nail Clippers

Those adorable paws deserve meticulous attention, and regular trims with dog-friendly nail clippers can help to maintain optimal nail length, prevent discomfort, injuries, and ward off any potential paw infections.

Dog Shampoo And Conditioner

Elevate your grooming routine with dog-friendly shampoo and conditioner, which can add a touch of luxury to your Bernese Mountain Dog’s spa day and transform grooming from a utilitarian Bernese necessity into something special that your dog will adore.

Brushing Techniques

Brushing is a form of care that involves a nuanced approach, so start with the Slicker brush to remove loose hair, progressing to the undercoat rake to take care of the depths that a brush can’t reach.

Finish with the comb for a flawless, tangle-free coat.

Other Grooming Considerations

Bathing Tips

Bathing should be undertaken every 2-3 months, using dog-specific shampoo and conditioner, which will help to maintain your dog’s coat’s natural oils.

It’s not just about hygiene; it’s about preserving the health of your dog’s skin and coat, and the key is thorough rinsing to avoid skin irritation, which can help turn the “hated” bath into a shared, soothing, and refreshing experience.

Ears And Eyes

  • Ear Cleaning – The distinctive floppy ears of Bernese Mountain Dogs require special attention, and regular cleaning with a dog-safe ear cleaner prevents wax buildup and potential infections.
  • Eye Care – Your dog’s eyes are windows to their soul, so check for discharge or redness and gently wipe away any debris with a damp cotton ball to keep those windows clear and clean.

Teeth And Gum Care

Oral health is integral to the overall well-being of dogs, so you’ll need to include regular teeth brushing in your grooming routine, using a dog-friendly toothbrush and toothpaste to ensure their dental hygiene.

Dogs may not be able to smile the way we do, but they need a healthy set of teeth to crunch and munch their way through their daily meals.

Paw Pad Maintenance

Paws are the unsung heroes of your dog’s adventures, so inspect them as often as possible and trim the hair around the paw pads to prevent discomfort and potential infections.

It’s a small step for their comfort but a giant leap for their overall well-being and one they’ll always be thankful for.

Anal Gland Expression

While it isn’t the most glamorous of tasks, expressing the anal glands is vital for your dog’s comfort, and if you’re unsure about how to do it, seek guidance from your veterinarian, who’ll be happy to show you the right way to do it.

Grooming Tips

Dealing With Mats and Tangles

Mats and tangles can be tricky adversaries, but addressing them properly is essential, and a detangling spray and a gentle comb work wonders in preventing discomfort and warding off any potential skin issues.

For the more stubborn mats, you may need to seek the help of a professional groomer who can take care of them in the blink of a Bernese eye.

Grooming As Bonding Time

Grooming isn’t just a routine; it’s a bonding experience, so always use a soothing voice, offer treats, and make the experience positive, as it will help to transform it into something that both you and your Bernese Mountain Dog actively look forward to.

Professional Grooming

While at-home grooming is essential, occasional professional grooming can take care of all the items on the well-being tick list that you can’t, and professionals can do the trimming and shaping that you can’t and will make sure your Bernese Mountain Dog looks and feels its best.

Health Check During Grooming

Grooming sessions can easily double up as health check-ups, so while brushing, look for any lumps, bumps, or abnormalities, as early detection can ensure prompt veterinary attention and help to safeguard your Bernese Mountain Dog’s health and happiness.

In Summary

Grooming your Bernese Mountain Dog is an art, a science, and an act of love all rolled into one; it enhances their appearance and contributes to their overall well-being.

So, take your time, grab your brushes, indulge in some quality grooming moments, and watch your Bernese Mountain Dog thrive in the care and attention you’re more than happy to provide.

Sharon Isaacs