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Meet The Team

Pawprint Pets is run by sisters Sharon and Karen. They have been working with dogs for a combined 18 years, and have their own furry friends, Bertie and Jax.

Sharon Isaacs

Hey everyone! My name is Sharon Isaacs, and I am one of the co-creators of

Growing up, my sister and I always adored animals. We lived on a family farm where we could interact with a range of farmyard animals, and our pops always had farm dogs to keep everybody in line.

I knew from a young age that canines were the most interesting animals to me, and ever since I could study, read, and go to school I’ve been researching the best dog training practices.

Now, I have been a dog behaviorist for 15 years, and I’ve seen many dogs in my time.

From big to small, they all have their issues and fun quirks. No two dogs are ever the same, even if they are related!

Even the most experienced of dog owners, who have had dogs all of their lives have come to me for help because a new dog just simply takes them by surprise.

I know what a challenge having a dog can be. Those first few months are so critical, time consuming, and not to mention overwhelming.

Despite popular belief, you can also teach an old dog new tricks! If you had your dog from a pup, or during their golden years, you can really make a difference.

This is what inspired us to create this page. Myself, and my sister wanted to provide in-depth guides and information to help you set up your canine companion for success, from the moment you have them.

Karen Isaacs

Hi, I’m Karen, Sharon’s sister, and also a dog behaviorist! My sister has always been a big inspiration to me, and when I saw her starting her own dog training business, where she could help others and do something she loved, I knew I wanted in!

I also specialize in dog training, from the basics like teaching your dog to sit, stay, heel, lie down, to more complex training needs like helping dogs that have anxiety, fear based behaviors and more.

My own dog, Jax, is a rescue. He came to me with a number of behavioral issues, and I know firsthand how difficult it can be to narrow it down and find out which techniques work and which don’t for a dog. That’s coming from a professional dog behaviorist!

So, I understand how hard it can be for other owners to mold and shape their beloved pets into one that shares a mutual trust and respect for us.

Myself and Sharon are truly passionate about making yours and your dog’s lives easier, and we understand that dog behavior and dog training is an ever-changing thing.

As a result, we undergo extensive research and further training every year to ensure that we can cover all bases, and help dogs with all kinds of physical and mental needs.

I also have an interest in the medical treatment of dogs. If your dog has any common ailments such as allergies, yeast infections, food aversions, or more, I would love to help you.


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